We also make each of our designs from your own jumper. So you can give your beloved companions

a new life in a new shape - for your baby, child, nice, nephew, grandchild...

Please make sure that your sweaters are fine knit styles.

We love to work with used garments and don't care about tiny stains or holes, but we can't do our magic with too discarded clothes!

 Although we do not have any expenses for the material, the production for custom- made items are much more complex. That`s why the prices for individual orders are identical to our listed products in the shop.

Send us a message with your style and size wishes and we will come back to you.





You like our design and want to support our concept by donating your old wool jumpers, cardigans, ...?

That's a great idea. If your garments are no longer wearable, they deserve a second life. We turn your old discarded sweaters into new design products for babies and children. We extend the lifecircle of clothes and give them a new value as kid's clothes. So it's a win-win-win situation!

Donations of materials are important for us. And we are happy that so many of you support us with your treasures and donate your sweaters. We can only use
   - washed old jumpers that can no longer be worn
   - adult sizes
   - jumpers from natural materials such as Merino Wool or Cashmere (also blends Wool/Cashmere, Cashmere/Silk ...)


We will provide a prepaid shipping label. Please send us a message and send your materials to the following address:


JIMMI WOW // Sewella
Kaiserkorso 5, 12101 Berlin