Re-wearing is caring,

because the greenest product is the one that already exists.



JIMMI WOW was founded by Marcella, mom of two, in 2015 and has been supplemented by Tina in 2020. Today Jimmi Wow is a team of two designers who feel responsible to point out the madness of fast fashion industry and to rethink fashion in a sustainable and circular way. Therefore we use existing textiles of high quality to care about the environmental impact and our children's future. 


Re-use, Re-cycle, Re-duce.


The wool and cashmere fabrics we process are selected goods from our partners, the Berliner Stadtmission and other textile companies. We strive to only use natural fibres and existing, prewashed materials to avoid chemicals on sensitive baby's skin.

Therefore our products are as gentle as they are to our planet.

Nothings gets wasted. We try to avoid as much waste as possible by using the production scraps for accessories such as baby bonnets and toys.


Our collection consists of a fine selection of woolen cardigans supplemented by matching pants and hats for babies and kids from 0-6 years. The products transcend both, seasons and time. Every piece is unique and one style is only available in limited stock.

The design is unisex, because we don’t believe that there is a specific way to dress for boys or girls.
The styles and sizes are designed to grow with the little ones — one garment can often last two or even three sizes.
Each piece is handmade with love in Berlin.

We care.